It seems like one of the most popular new year’s resolutions is to become more organized, I know it is usually one of mine. Having a good calendar is one step to becoming more organized. I made this calendar a few years ago, but I still love it and it is something we still use all the time. Any project that helps me be more organized is a good thing and this calendar is one of my favorites. I used to have a smaller one, but I wanted more room on the side to hang notes, invitations, and other reminders. Plus, the other one was just white and boring. I wanted something bigger, cuter, and more colorful.
I picked up this giant magnetic board from Roberts. It’s about 40″ x 54″ and with my 40% off coupon, I think it was somewhere around $35.00. I started by taping off the magnet board around the wood border.
Then I painted the wood frame brown.
 I searched the scrapbook store ’til I found the perfect selection of coordinating scrapbook paper. I cut it into 3″ strips (the same width as the frame).
Then, I laid the paper on the frame in a pattern I liked. I decided I wanted the papers to be different lengths, so I cut some short and left others long.
After I had arranged the papers the way I wanted them, I glued them to the frame with ModPodge. I also applied a layer on top to seal them.
I wanted to add some embellishments, so I cut small strips of dark brown ric-rac to cover the seams between the papers.
 I used hot glue to adhere them to the frame. So cute!
 Then, I applied the calendar frame I cut on my vinyl machine. Each month, I also cut the name of the month from cardstock and stick it on with spray adhesive.

I use these dry erase markers to fill up our calendar.  They wipe off easily with a dry paper towel. Can I just say how much I love them! They are so much nicer to use than those that have lids.


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