I’m excited to share this week’s project.  I think it turned out really cute and it was super easy.  It only took me about an hour to make (and that was with all the kids home from school, so it’s quick).
Before I began, I found a super easy envelope pillow tutorial.  A quick sewing pattern was key to making this a quick project.  So, I cut out my fabric and laid it out flat.
Then, I added my vinyl stencil.  If you are applying vinyl to fabric for a stencil, follow this tip…Use a piece of transfer tape that has already been used or lightly rub a t-shirt on a new piece to remove some of the tackiness.  Doing this will save you tons of time when trying to remove the transfer tape and have the vinyl stick to the fabric.
Then, just start lightly dabbing your paint onto the fabric.  I just used a cheap foam brush and dabbed a little paint off before putting it on the fabric. It makes it not so solid and gives it a bit of a worn out look.
Once all the snowflakes have been painted and the paint is dry (if you can wait for that, sometimes I’m impatient and can’t), remove the vinyl.
You’ll be left with a beautiful snowflake pattern and a custom designed piece of fabric.
Then, follow the tutorial to finish making the pillow.

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