I love organization. One day, I hope to be really organized, but it’s probably not gonna happen anytime soon. Luckily, every once in awhile, I do get some organization inspiration. This is where I used to keep my vinyl.
 But most of the time, it looked like this (actually, it was usually much worse than this).
We used to store our toys in these large cabinets from Ikea. But, when we redid our playroom, we moved our toys to these, which I absolutely love.
So, the big cabinets were empty. And, the thought occurred to me, I should use them for vinyl. I was so excited to find they were a perfect fit. The rolls of vinyl are almost the exact depth of the cabinet.

And what better way to complete my vinyl organization than with vinyl labels.

Now, I know exactly where each roll goes and it’s easy to see which colors I am out of. Don’t you just love when you find the perfect storage solution?

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