The other day, my little girl found some Sharpie markers and colored all over her pajamas.  I tried, unsuccessfully, to get it off.  So, I figured, if the marker stayed that well on her pajamas, they would be great to use to make a fun new shirt.

I made this design out of vinyl and applied it to the shirt.

I filled in the letters using the side of the marker and light strokes to minimize bleeding.

Around the sun, I just used dots.  Right around the vinyl, the dots are close together and I spread them out as they got further away.

I removed the vinyl and used a hot iron to set in the marker.  There was a tiny bit of bleeding when I washed it, but overall I think it looks really good.
Permanent markers will work differently on each type of fabric, so make sure to test a hidden spot before you begin.

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  1. Don't you love it when something good comes from an accident!
    I love this dotty technique and used it for some greeting cards a little while ago – it's so simple and the effect is lovely. great design btw thanks

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