After Christmas is over and the decorations are put away, I usually switch my seasonal decor to a winter theme.  This year, I decided to make some snowmen to put on my seasonal shelf.  I actually got the idea for sock snowman from my daughter.  She made them at an activity a few weeks ago and I thought they turned out super cute. So, I went online and found an easy tutorial.  The best thing about making these is that they require no sewing, so they are quick to make. I found the supplies at the dollar store, so they are also very inexpensive.

One of my kids got some polymer clay for Christmas, so I used a little orange to make the cute carrot noses. Their eyes and mouths are cut out of black vinyl.  I thought about using heat transfer vinyl, but the regular stuff seemed to stick pretty good, so I went with that instead. I used a wood box I had made and just turned it upside down so they had something to sit on.  Then, I added a cute vinyl quote to the outside of the box.

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