I saw this cute treat jar idea a while ago and thought it was too cute and easy not to try.  Of course, I had to create my own SVG file to add to the jar. Once that was done, this project was so easy to put together.

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Measure the area you want to put your vinyl.  Then, open the design in your software program and size accordingly. Cut out the vinyl and weed away the excess.

Cut a piece of transfer tape a little bigger than the design. Place it over the vinyl and smooth it down with an application tool.

One thing that is hard about applying vinyl to glass is that you get one chance to get it straight.  Once the vinyl touches the glass, it’s really difficult to reposition it without ruining it.  So, to make things easier, I like to use the hinge method.

Have you ever heard of the hinge method?  You use tape to act as a hinge when applying your vinyl.  The tape keeps everything straight and centered while you’re applying the vinyl.

Place a small strip of vinyl (or painters tape) over the transfer tape.

Then, position the vinyl decal on the glass surface.  Once everything is centered and straight, press down on the vinyl strip.  This should hold everything in place.

Separate the vinyl and the backing and then cut off and remove the backing.

Then, press the vinyl into place, but don’t remove the transfer tape.

Remove the strip of vinyl and the rest of the vinyl backing.

Press down the rest of the vinyl and rub over it several times so it sticks to the jar.

Remove the transfer tape and fill the jar with candy or treats. Cute and easy, right!

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Want to make your own? Get the free cut file for this project in the resource library

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