This has been my teacher gift for the last 4 years. I love it because it is so quick and  easy to make. I use whatever wood I have laying around and change the layout of the quote to fit my board.
I start with whatever wood I have sitting around the house.  I have used squares and rectangles.
I gave the edges a rough sand and drilled the holes for the ribbon.
This year, I used a black flat spray paint, but other years, I’ve used craft paint. Just whatever I have on hand.
After it was dry, I sanded the edges again.  I also lightly sanded the top to give it a worn look.
I cut out the vinyl with my digital cutter. I applied it to the wood and added a cute red ribbon.

Quick and easy and made from supplies I already had on hand!

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  1. Hi! I just started following your blog. Someday Crafts tweeted/blogged about your "Please Remove Your Shoes" sign…which is totally cute by the way. I'm going to have to order the vinyl from your shop.

    I wish I would have found you a few weeks ago! I sure could have used your teacher vinyl for gifts. They are so cute!! I'm going to be placing an order soon for next year.

    This was my only child's first year of preschool and I was totally clueless on what to do for teacher gifts. Thanks to you, they will have cute gifts next year!

  2. What a cool idea.
    I don't have a vinyl cutter so I'm going to print mine out on scrapbook paper and mod-podge it to some wood. Thanks so much for the idea. I'll mention your blog whenever I make these (and blog about it) for my kid's teachers which needs to be soon, school ends in 2.5 days.

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