I wanted to get this project up last week, but life happened and it got pushed aside.  But, I wanted really wanted to get it up before Thanksgiving.  There might be a few last minute crafters (like me) that can make these this year.  If not, Thanksgiving will come again next year and you can use it then!
I’ve made a couple of these favors tins in the past and I think they are so cute.  I wanted to add a few more for Thanksgiving.  These are perfect to use at a table or to give away to friends and family.


Here is what you’ll need:

Cardstock (I used black, brown, white, tan, and goldenrod)

Googly Eyes
Foam Sticky Tabs
Favor Tins (I got mine at Michaels in the wedding section)

Distress Ink (optional)

Cut File – Pilgrim Boy Favor Tin BA1497 (click here to get the SVG file for free from my free SVG Library)

Here is what you’ll do:

First, you’ll need to cut out the pieces and, if desired, distress with ink. I used my digital cutter,
but most of the shapes are pretty simple and can be cut by hand.

Next, glue the pieces onto the black body in this order.
Sleeve Cuffs
Hat Top
Hat Band
Hat Buckle
Hat Brim

Attach the feet to the circle with foam sticky tabs.  Glue on the googly eyes and glue the back of the favor tin to the body. Attach the circle with feet onto the lid of the favor tin with foam tabs.  Add a mouth, if desired.  Fill with some yummy treats.

So cute!

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving.

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