Welcome to day 4 of my 25 days of Craftmas series. Today, I’m showing you how to make this fun flipchart Christmas countdown sign. After each day passes, you can flip the card over to reveal the next number. I love that you can be creative and make every number card look unique. Do you want to make your own? Read on for the full tutorial.

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The first thing you’ll need to do is get the free SVG file you’ll use for this project.  I keep all the SVG files I use for the projects I make in my SVG Library.  These SVG files work with Cricut and Silhouette machines, as well as many others.  This library is open to everyone and is free!  You can access the library here. Look for the file called Christmas Countdown Flipchart BA1819. It will be listed under the Craftmas 2021 Category-Day 4.


Open the design in your software program.  Resize the width of the design to 11.5″ wide and leave the height proportional.

In the file, you’ll see there are several different colors in the design. Each color represents a sheet of cardstock you’ll be cutting. There are large rectangles that are different shades of green. I cut those out of printed Christmas cardstock.

Next are three sections in shades of reds and pinks. I cut those out of solid red, green, and black, which coordinated with my printed cardstock.

Then, there are three sections of gray shapes. I cut those out of white cardstock.

Finally, there are black numbers that I cut out of black cardstock.

I walk you through all the details of the file in the video above.  So, if you’re unsure of what anything is, be sure to check it out.

Once everything has been cut, separate all the different pieces into piles.

For each number, you’ll want to use a background rectangle, 1-3 rectangle pieces, 1 decorative frame, and the number.

You can be creative with how you arrange and add the rectangles pieces. I grabbed all the pieces and arranged them on the background just to make sure I liked the look, then I glued everything into place.

You should be able to make numbers 1 – 25 and there will probably be leftovers of most of the pieces.

Now that the numbers are done, let’s work on the stand.


The stand is actually pretty easy to make.

You’ll need 2-6″ pieces and 1-7″ piece cut from a 1″ x 2″. You’ll also need 1-5.5″ piece cut from a 1/2″ wooden dowel.

Make a mark on both of the 6″ pieces 1/2″ down from the top and 3/4″ over from the edge.

Grab your drill bit and place it over the top of the 6″ piece to figure how far you can drill into the wood.

Wrap a piece of masking tape around the drill bit to set the depth. You’ll know to stop drilling when the tape hits the wood.

Now, drill a hole into each of the pieces of wood right on the marks you made. Your hole should be at least 1/4″ deep.

Put the dowel in the holes and make sure everything fits.

Then, use some wood glue to the dowel in place. After a few minutes, you can wipe off any excess glue.

Next, add some glue onto the bottoms of the sides and then attach the bottom piece.

Let the glue dry for a bit, and then wipe off any excess glue and then give the entire stand a light sanding.

Now you can paint the sign black. You’ll probably need to do a couple of coats.


Once the black paint is completely dry, you can assemble the countdown sign.

I put the number 25 on top and then put the rest of the numbers behind that.

Thread some book rings through the holes of the numbers.

Then, clamp them around the wooden dowel.

When each day is over, you can flip the number to the back until you get to day 1.

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Want to make your own? Get the free cut file for this project in the resource library



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