Here is another easy project – this time for St. Patrick’s Day.  Do you decorate for St. Patrick’s?  Sometimes I can’t decide if I should go from Valentine’s to Spring or St. Patrick’s.  This year, I’m going with the green.  So, I decided to make a fun Irish Sign.  What I love about this sign is that I used a wood toy box to make it, so it was basically free!

We got this cake set several years ago.  It’s also been several years since my kids have put it away in the box:)  We actually have a toy bin that we just put all the food toys in, so I put the box up on a shelf knowing that one day I would use it for another project. Today was the day!

I flipped it over and sanded down the bottom and sides.  Then, I painted them all black.

After that dried, I cover the bottom (soon to be front of the sign) with a piece of black chalkboard vinyl, trimmed it down to size and added the rest of the colored vinyl. I covered it for a couple of reasons.  First, I really like the texture of chalkboard vinyl and thought it would look good with the design.  Second, since I really like the size and shape of the box, when St. Patrick’s is over, I can just peel off the chalkboard vinyl (with all the colored vinyl attached) and start with a blank slate. I love that it looks like a thick, chunky sign!

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