After seeing all the Pottery Barn knock-offs for this Noel sign, I thought it would be fun to create a Valentine’s version.
  Here is what you need:
– Board
– Vinyl Stencil
– Paint
-Decorative Nails
– Sandpaper
– Glitter (Optional)Here is what you do:
1. Cut your board to 9″ x 11″ (mine is two boards glued together)

2. Paint your board and let it dry.

3. Sand until you like the results.

4. Cut a piece of burlap a little smaller than your board and nail in place with decorative nails.

5. Apply your vinyl stencil (it’s a bit tricky to get it to stick to the burlap and not the application tape, just go slow)

6. Paint the letters black and the heart red. While the heart is still wet, you can add a little red glitter.
I didn’t want my letters to be super dark, so after I dipped my brush
in the paint, I dabbed it on a paper towel to get most of the paint off.
Then, I brushed it on the burlap.


7. Carefully remove the vinyl stencil and fray the edges of the burlap.

That’s it! Do you LOVE it?

Since it says love, this sign doesn’t have to be put away after Valentine’s is over. It can stay up all year long!


32 Comments on Burlap and Wood Love Sign

  1. This is gorgeous!! You did such a great job. Burlap is my very favorite material to craft with. Have you seen all of the fun prints on burlap at Jo Ann's right now? They are amazing! Have a great weekend!
    Laurie @ Gallamore West

  2. Love this!! I want one for my home!!!! The heart inside the O is my favorite part. I'm a new follower – here from Young & Crafty.

    Happy weekend!

  3. I really like this!
    I really want to try this just with our last initial to leave out all year long. I really love the burlap…I love it in general.

    Thanks for such a great tutorial!

    Hope your weekend is great.
    ♥ Stephany

  4. I found you on the nifty thrifty things link up. I love how this looks. I've always been intrigued by burlap. I haven't yet done a project with it though. Your tutorial was great with all the photos.

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