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Free SVG Files

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All free SVG files include a personal use only license.  If you’d like to use a free digital file for commercial use, you can download the file for free and then purchase a commercial use license from the shop.  Those that are using files or images for commercial use without purchasing commercial licenses are doing so without permission and are violating copyright laws.  Free downloads are available to everyone, so please don’t share, distribute or give away my design files to anyone.

If the download has expired for a free digital file, it should be listed for sale in the shop.

The commercial use license is available for purchase through the shop.

You may use the designs to create products to sell, however, restrictions are as follows:

-Only physical products (signs, vinyl lettering, t-shirts, greeting cards, etc.) may be sold or distributed using the designs. Designs in a digital format of any kind can not to be sold or distributed.

-You may use the design images on your website or online store, however a watermark must be used or images must be displayed at a low quality to prevent the designs from being traced .

-A separate Commercial License must be purchased for each file that you wish to use for commercial purposes.

-You cannot share any files as a freebie.

-Purchasing a Commercial License does not transfer the copyright. All copyrights remain with Burton Avenue. Designs can not be claimed as your own design, but you do not have to give credit.

-This license is non-transferable. It can not be transferred/given to anyone else, nor can the file it applies to be changed.