Welcome to day 5 of my 25 days of Craftmas series. Today, I’m showing you how to make these cute rolled Christmas sock cupcakes.  I made something similar for Valentine’s Day a few years ago and just loved how they turned out.  Since fuzzy socks make such a great Christmas gift, I thought it would be fun to design some wrappers just for Christmas.  Read on for the full tutorial.

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The first thing you’ll need to do is get the free SVG file you’ll use for this project.  I keep all the SVG files I use for the projects I make in my SVG Library.  These SVG files work with Cricut and Silhouette machines, as well as many others.  This library is open to everyone and is free!  You can access the library here. Look for the file called Christmas Cupcake Wrappers BA2105. It will be listed under the Craftmas 2022 Category-Day 5.



Open the design in your cutting software.  Size the design to fit your sock cupcakes  I resized the wrappers for my fluffy socks to 9.5″ and the wrappers for my regular socks to 8″. Once everything is sized correctly, cut out the pieces with your Cricut or Silhouette.

Once the cardstock is finished cutting, remove it from the cutting mat. It’s best to flip over the mat and gently bend it over until the cardstock releases. This way, the cardstock shouldn’t get bent.

We’re going to start by making one of the layered wrappers. To make this wrapper, you’ll need to fold down the top portion of the tab.

Form a circle with the wrapper and place the bottom of the tab in the slit, followed by the top folded portion.

Once the tab is inside the slit, you can unfold the top of it.

Repeat with the other section of the wrapper.

Place the inside layer inside of the out layer and match up the seams.

The layers should stay together, but if they don’t you can add a bit of glue to keep them in place.

For the Santa Cupcake Wrapper, you’ll form the circle the same as the other wrappers.

Next, slide the two slits of the belt together to form a circle.

Place the belt over the outer circle and glue it into place.

Finish the wrapper by gluing the belt buckle into place.


Grab a pair of socks and fold each sock in half lengthwise.

Place one sock over the other but separate the toes about 1/2″.

Begin rolling the socks from the toes to the ankle in a downward motion. As you roll, each layer should be about a quarter of an inch lower than the previous layer. This will help create the look of frosting. Make sure the socks stay folded in half and roll until you have reached the other end of the socks.

Take an elastic and secure the socks at the bottom of your cupcake.

Place your socks in the wrapper and adjust the socks until they look good.

Add a fake cherry to the top by placing a straight pin through the center of a pompom ball.

Then, just pin it to the top of the sock.

Now you have a perfect little gift for Christmas!  Place the cupcake in a cello bag and tie with ribbon for an extra cute gift!

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Want to make your own? Get the free cut file for this project in the resource library



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